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So I've been poked to update :)

Life is getting less complicated.
I have a 14wk golden retriever who is sweet as can be (will post pics soon) and paying off bills.
Mostly trying to figure myself out, so stay tuned to see where I end up. :)
I hope everyone is well.

*hugs jacknife*

Bye all.

Growing up

I allowed myself to get to this point, knowingly put myself into this position, that no matter what happened the inevitable would be there to bite me in the ass.
I find it amusing how I let it go this far, that everything I invested my dreams in would fall apart.
He has ruined me.
And I let it happen.

Oct. 12th, 2008

For those of you that care, I'm alive.


Ah yes, I almost forgot

Well I fucked up.

I'm either going to be a lesbian or the bitter old lady with dogs (instead of cats).


Moving day is here....

Make it go away. :)

My bridal shower was yesterday, lots of presents and wonderful people.
His sister Mandy, his mom, grandmother, and aunt myrna were awesome.
I am truly blessed.

I'll update more later, must go to best buy, the boi wants to pick out a tv.

Later peeps.


Craziness is a foot

The past four and a half months have flown by quicker than I thought they would.
Lance and I have been engaged since the end of March and I seriously thought that time would drag on and on.
Boy was I wrong.
The time is now for everything to be planned out, its coming together I just don't know if I'll survive, my head may pop off my shoulders.
Not only am I still planning the wedding but I have an appointment next wednesday for good old birth control, the following monday we view our apartment and sign, then that friday we pay for it/get the keys.
Then my Bridal Shower is that saturday (labor day weekend) and I move after that.
His grandparents 60th anniversary is Sept. 14th, then our wedding is two weeks later, Oct. 4th.
Why does it seem that I always set myself up for chaos? lol
His family has been great and mine have been supportive.
Its good to have sane people around in case you need them to shake you back into reality if you lose it temporarily.
Again, I may not survive, but I guess we shall see.


P.s. MAJOR NEWS: With the help of my biological cousin Alison, we found my biological sister. :):):)
That was my only wish before I got married, was to find her, and now that I have I feel more complete than I would have ever expected. So happy. :)


Texas trip

I'm going to be visiting July 9th - 14th. :)
I hope to see a few of you then!

And all because he loves me that much. :*


I'm alive.

Will post more later.

Feb. 4th, 2008

I just got home from the Hospital visiting my friend Evan who was in a terrible accident today while at work. They did a cat scan, xrays of various parts that he said hurt, and after a long time of talking to him he finally agreed to stay the night for observation.
Rachael, his wife, and a close friend of mine as well, is so exhausted from today.
When we (lance & I) got the news today, I immediately fled for the hospital.
My first thought was to make sure he was ok, then to make sure she was.
Just wow.
He wasn't even supposed to be on the ambulance today, him nor Dave.
They were both scheduled to be on the fire truck.
That AND Evan usually drives the ambulance. *sigh*
I'm tired now and must go to sleep.

I hope everyone is having a better night that I am.


News report:


Mouth pain

So I'm almost 25 and I just had my wisdom teeth pulled; what a lovely experience.
Thursday after having to work half the day (on my day off!), I head to the dentist for 3 wisdom teeth to be extracted, 5 fillings, and a teeth cleaning (that I haven't had since I was 12, heh). The doctor is very nice and came recommended by Lance and his family.
I, was scared shitless. Again having had very little exposure to a dentist growing up and the only exposure that I can remember was having one of my molars pulled (which is why I only needed 3 teeth extracted), because I got a cavity and the tooth fell apart (at 16). So $1000 later my mouth is on the way to recovery.
He honestly gave me a great deal on everything, he apparently also did sealants which I didn't think was going to happen, I realized that it had a day later.
So the down fall to this whole experience? I found out that I have an impacted tooth, a mature tooth that never grew in, so I still have my baby tooth.
Its one of my front teeth.... so later in life when I feel like looking bucktoothed and want them to pull the baby tooth, have them do surgery to go in and locate the mature tooth, which then they would attach it to a 'button', which is attached to a chain, and then to braces which over a period of time would slowly pull it down into the slot where it should have gone to begin with.
*sigh* oi.
Oh well, need to take pain meds.

Hope every one is doing fine.