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Something I'm feeling

you and only you know what this feels like
where its been and where its going
you try to let others in
so they can understand
but there isn't anything you can do or say
the beauty in not knowing
is they never had to feel the pain
of what understanding this would bring

how can you stand there
critizing me for living my life
not in expectation of that 'one day'
that will never come
it can't fix or mend the pain you've caused

twisting the truth
until you don't know which way is up
so confused about your decision
was it the right one or will you have to live with regret
either way you knew it would come to this
no turning back, you can't erase what is

letting go is a hard reality
but it is real
we're not the same as we used to be
let go, its time to move on.